No Shortcuts to Transformation

Re-thinking the branch, re-training the banker for transformation Change is inevitable. The world we live in and the people we know change constantly. Businesses are changing as competition intensifies, technology accelerates and information moves at the speed of light. The world has transformed into a global economy, no longer bound by walls, geography or time. […]

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Business Case for Branching in a FinTech World

Business Case

Consumers strongly desire branches. Doing it well drives performance. Measuring is key for improvement.  In today’s consumer-centric world, change is constant. In fact, the only thing that doesn’t change is change. However, if we can quantify the change, then we can measure, and improve. If you build it, they may not come. The world of branch […]

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Return on Investment for Branching

Is the deck stacked against the physical branch? Priorities, priorities. A recent study released by the Financial Brand revealed the top priorities for financial institution (FI) marketers. In order of priority: 1) Increase Wallet Share, 2) Increase Loan Growth and 3) Acquire New Customers. Given the branch has historically been a dominant tool in the FI […]

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