Below are some quick answers to our most popular questions. 

What is Design-Bid-Build?2020-01-13T21:20:54+00:00

This is when a bid is requested of Design work. Then, once complete, an entirely separate bid is sought for Construction. This is a more problematic approach compared to Design-Build as it fractures the entire project, causes delays and has a higher budget.

Do you do Design work only?2020-01-13T21:21:00+00:00

No, we typically do not only do Design. It is best when a project is integrated into a Design-Build effort.

Have you done work nearby?2020-01-13T21:21:07+00:00

Probably. Check out our Portfolio of work, or contact us and a Business Development manager will contact you with geography insights.

How does your pricing work?2020-01-13T21:21:15+00:00

We offer pricing terms that best fit your need. With Lump Sum, you get a guaranteed estimated budget, which de-risks your project. Or, we offer Cost Plus, which would be a flat rate over each line item. Regardless, you have full transparency into all pricing.

How many offices does LEVEL5 have?2020-01-13T21:21:23+00:00

We have 3 offices right now. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with regional offices in Raleigh, NC and Salt Lake City, UT. We will be soon opening offices in Dallas, TX and Detroit, MI.

Do you work locally?2020-01-13T21:21:29+00:00

Yes, we have relationships across the country. This means, your FI’s dollars stay local as we always work with local crews to get the job done right.

Are you a National Design-Build firm?2020-01-13T21:21:39+00:00

Yes. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA, but have sub-contractor relationships across the U.S.

Are you a General Contractor (GC)?2020-01-13T21:21:45+00:00

Yes, LEVEL5 acts as the General Contractor (GC) on all construction projects. We work with sub-contractors across the U.S. to “locally” manage projects locally.

How do you work with other providers?2020-01-13T21:21:57+00:00

LEVEL5 takes the lead on all aspects of the project. We work with any other provider, either by your choosing, or by us having existing relationships. We are solution and provider agnostic. We will integrate any equipment and/or technology into the Design and coordinate installation during the Build phase.

Who do you work with?2020-01-13T21:22:07+00:00

LEVEL5 specializes in helping financial institutions grow their retail branch network through Branch Transformation projects, among other bank buildings.

Do you offer an integrated contract?2020-01-13T21:23:02+00:00

Yes, the majority of our clients work with us across each of our five levels of services.

Do you do Branch Transformation?2020-01-13T21:23:14+00:00

Absolutely. The majority of our annual projects are Branch Transformation efforts, including new build ground-ups, remodels, storefronts, in-line and branch-in-main-office builds.

Do you really have a 92% success rate in forecasting?2020-01-13T21:23:43+00:00

Yes, we really do. Our Consulting division is second to none. We run a 5 year and a 10 year proforma, with a 92% accuracy rate.

Do you have a portfolio of your work?2020-01-13T21:24:00+00:00

Absolutely. Photos and videos of our work can be found here.

What types of buildings do you build?2020-01-13T21:24:12+00:00

LEVEL5 builds bank branches, main office buildings and other corporate facility buildings.

Do you use data?2020-01-13T21:24:22+00:00

Yes, each of our key services and our Blueprint process flow is rooted in data, which de-risks your critical decisions.

What are your core services?2020-01-13T21:24:34+00:00

Our 5 Levels of Service include: Consulting, Real Estate (Site Selection and Site Acquisition), Design, Build (Construction) and Innovation (Technology).

How long has LEVEL5 been in business?2020-01-13T21:25:05+00:00

We’ve been helping clients grow for over 16 years.