The following is a glossary of key individuals who will play a part in your Branch Transformation journey.

ArchitectA person who designs buildings and advises in their construction, specializing in the volume and space of environments.

Basis of Design (BOD) – Fully outlined requirements of a given job, including descriptions, equipment and preliminary drawings.

Business Development Manager A Design-Build partner who acts as main point of contact from initial sales processes, through launch and support of a given facility.

Branch Transformation – Industry term indicating the overhaul of a single or multitude of retail bank branches.

ConstructionThe building phase of a project.

Construction Drawings (CD)The third and final phase in pre-construction. Provide a graphical representation of what is to be built.

Consultant – A person who utilizes Big Data and produces predictable, actionable outputs through a variety of custom and propriety algorithms.

Cost PlusA pricing contract where client pays General Contract for expenses, then agreed fee above stated expenses.

Design-Build – Construction term where the separate Design and Build phases are integrated and managed singularly.

Design Development (DD)The second phase in pre-construction. Technical specification for a project relating to selection of materials for engineering and construction.

Designer – A person who creates and executes a plan for a building. This term includes Architects and Engineers.

Engineer A person who uses scientific principles to design systems in support of the architecture.

Estimator – A person who gathers and calculates total project costs.

Foreman – A person who has authority over a crew at a specific job site.

General Contractor – The entity that has overall responsibility for a construction project. In many states this requires professional licensure.

Interior Designer – A person who plans and coordinates the functional elements within the occupied space.

Lump SumA type of construction contract referring to pricing agreements. Final budget is provided based on project scope. Risk transfers from client to General Manager after signed agreement.

Pre-ConstructionThe phase before the actual construction begins. This phase includes key elements

Project Engineer – An individual who handles the administrative and technical documentation of a construction project.

Project Manager – An individual who plans, procures and executes the obligations of the General Contractor. This individual has the overall responsibility of Cost, Schedule, Quality and Safety.

Real Estate Agent – A state-licensed person facilitating the transactional obligation of Site Selection.

Schematic Design (SD)The first phase in pre-construction. Early stage/rough drawings of site plan, floor plan and elevations.

Real Estate Broker – A person who represents sellers or buyers of a given piece of real estate or property.

Superintendent – The on-site representative for the General Contractor. Oversees the daily progress of the job in terms of Schedule, Quality, and Safety.

Surveyor – A person who surveys land to establish locations, elevations and boundaries of ownership.