Now that we’ve uncovered the mystery of Brand Deployment, it’s three types and how it is a critical element of Branch Transformation, let’s take a look at this in practice.

LEVEL5 has just completed a branch in Hooksett, NH for Northeast Credit Union and this branch is an amazing example when it comes to Brand Deployment.

This ground up branch represents an entirely new Brand Deployment and Design approach for the CU, who operate locations across New Hampshire and Maine.

As discussed in our previous post, this effort would be categorized as a “Refresh” Brand Deployment as NECU did not go through a brand change, but the new branch introduces completely new ways to represent the brand in the physical space.

There are a handful of foundational elements when thinking of a “refresh,” as detailed here with NECU.

Traditional and Digital Signage


When we’re discussing signage, we mean both exterior and interior.

For exterior, your signage should not only represent your brand appropriately, but should also act as a way to attract and welcome your customers, day or night. And, it’s not only about your logo. Proper execution should include directional/wayfinding signage for entry/exit, parking, ATM’s and drive-through. Just as prominent as your exterior signage should be, so should your interior sign.

Whether it be a full-blown brand wall, or something a little more subtle, your brand should be displayed proudly and prominently.

In this example from NECU, they have a traditional branded sign, flanked by two digital displays rotating branded messages, as well as an accent wall with geometric patterns seen throughout the branch’s design.

Dual Teller Pods


More often than not, when we think of a new branch representing a “refresh,” one of the main differences that customer’s will likely notice right out of the gate may be the new overall design aesthetic of your furnishings and the small finishes that complete the look. This is never more present than a traditional Teller Tower giving way to Teller Pods, or other “open concept” style deployments.

NECU chose to introduce a Tech Bar to double as a greeting station and a new way to advise customers about key products and services via an iPad before being directed to other sections in the branch.

Brand Badge and Coin Wrap


Beyond your primary logo and the signage deployment both inside and out, there are other brand elements to consider. In the case of NECU, they did a fantastic job to not only wrap their cash equipment in branding designs and commentary, but they left no section of the branch without key messaging that expanded their overall brand to include badges at the Teller Pods, but also clever slogans that speak to their members.

Another element to note for NECU is the subtle style-guide interpretations that have manifested itself in the branch. There is a consistent diagonal treatment across the branch, that is a design interpretation of the “N” in their logo, as well as a diamond pattern, which is an abstract extension of that brand element. This is seen as painted accents on their primary signage wall, “privacy guards” in the offices and even right down to to wall plaques in front of doors in the back office.

Mural of Iconic Landscape


The last key consideration to any Brand Deployment is the execution of community elements. They key here is local, even hyper-local where multiple branches may exist in different parts of the same town or metro area (Trader Joes does a great job of hyper-local murals). In the case of NECU, they have two murals. One is at the entryway of the branch, giving each member an immediate sense of the local community by showing an iconic image of the Merrimack River, the central water feature in the area.

Additionally, the Children’s Area has a large mural of Mt. Washington, not only the highest peak in the New Hampshire White Mountains, but in all of the Northeast and a geological feature carrying a great sense of pride for locals.

If you’d like to learn more about NECU’s Brand Deployment and how these types of elements can be adopted into your existing or new branch network, we’d love to chat with you. Contact Us today.  

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