Branch ROI and Engagement – Great Bedfellows!

Modular facilities, limited visibility and modest brand image are not exactly recipes for success in dynamic retail areas, but when desire meets capabilities, the result is transformation. This is a story about one Credit Union’s journey toward a shift in culture, member experience…and the results they achieved.

Educational Community Credit Union (ECCU), a $450 Million community-chartered credit union in Kalamazoo, MI was challenged with creating a new branch experience focused on member engagement, creating more conversations, and building their brand in the community.

In developing the new proto-type, the ECCU team wanted to dive deeper into member relationships using the branch environment to facilitate dynamic interactions with each member. No longer did they want to focus on transactions, but wanted to focus on engaging each member in conversation.

The Credit Union had some existing branded elements, but they wanted to eliminate physical barriers (teller lines) and embrace technology with the enhanced new brand.

To enforce this new culture shift, ECCU deployed LEVEL5 branch training for the entire ECCU staff (executive management, branches, and back office/operations) to make the culture transition a reality.

Within the first two years, ECCU has improved its loan/share ratio from 88% to almost 92%, and assets have grown by $30 Million.

Quantifying the Return on Investment for Branching doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore.

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