Most integrated Branch transformation or Main Office projects begin with a Consulting engagement. In fact, 80% of LEVEL5 construction projects begin with a data-driven advisory phase before any designs are created.

The right data-driven process eliminates guess work, future proofs your growth plans and turns speculation into actionable decisioning.

Nobody approaches a Retail Branch or Main Office project like LEVEL5’s Data=Driven practices.

Consulting Packages

Strategic Retail Delivery Plan

Deep Dive on Single or Multiple Sites

Data Matrix of Deliverables

Data Deliverables for Demography, Competition and Customer Base

Branch Snapshot Study

Great Entry Point

Single Branch Evaluation

Evaluates New Branch Location Opportunity When Address Is Known

Branch Relocation Plan

Definitive Results on Stay Or Go Decisions

To Stay Or Go

Intensive Data Points Detail Current and Future Performance For Confident Analysis

Branch Expansion Plan

Identifies Corporate Feasibility For Growth Plans

Find The Loans and Deposits

Know If Your Are Ready To Grow – Then Find The Geographies For Critical Loans and Deposits.

Main Office Plan

Identifies Needs and Location for Corporate Buildings

Answering Needs for Today and Tomorrow

Identifies Current Financial Health, Forecasts Personnel, Staff Types and Peer Group Analysis


Others may tell you what you already know, or what you want to hear, but ultimately present you with undefined forks in the road. LEVEL5 delivers hard data with a accuracy at 98%. This means a more clear direction forward for you with less risk.

  • 92% Forecasting Accuracy

  • Data Gathering Transparency

  • Staff Interviews

  • ROI and Break-Even Points

  • 10-Year Proforma

  • 10-Year Staffing Model

  • Facility Impact to Financials