Most integrated Branch Transformation or Headquarters projects begin with a Consulting engagement. In fact, 80% of LEVEL5 construction projects begin with a data-driven advisory phase before any designs are created.

The right data-driven process eliminates guess work, future proofs your growth plans and turns speculation into actionable decisioning.

Nobody approaches a Retail Branch or Headquarters project like LEVEL5’s Data-Driven practices.

Big Data + Custom Algorithms = Predictability (at 92% Accuracy).

Consulting Packages

Multi-Site Branch Growth Plan

Multiple Locations & Geographies


P&L and 10 Year Proforma, with specific recommendations on available locations.

Single Site Branch Growth Plan

Single Location & Geography


Identifies new location for a known geography, with LEVEL5 delivering P&L, 10 Year Proforma and Site Selection.

Current Branch Network Plan

Entire Branch Network Assessment


Health assessment on branches based on benchmarks, with Keep, Remodel, Relocate and Close recommendations.

Merger & Acquisition Branch Plan

Assess Geographic Overlaps & Gaps


Understand if the newly proposed Branch Network has overlaps, redudencies, needs for optimization and growth.

Headquarters Plan

Identify Expansion & New Build Needs for Your Main Office


Analyzes your current Headquarters building for growth, considering remodel and expansion, while equally identifying new location to Build or occupancy.

Facilities Network Plan

Non-Branch Assessment of Corporate Buildings


Analysis of your entire corporate building landscape (non branch). Assesses and makes recommendations on remodeling, expansion and net new.


Others may tell you what you already know, or what you want to hear, but ultimately present you with undefined forks in the road. LEVEL5 delivers hard data with a accuracy at 98%. This means a more clear direction forward for you with less risk.

  • 92% Forecasting Accuracy

  • Data Gathering Transparency

  • Staff Interviews

  • ROI and Break-Even Points

  • 10-Year Proforma

  • Staffing Model Assessments

  • Facility Impact to Financials

  • Branch Model Type Assessments