Ever wish you could do something over? Maybe you spent the whole weekend building a raised garden bed and it didn’t turn out quite like that YouTube guy. Or maybe you had that dream kitchen 15 years ago with all the latest stylings, dark oak finishes, and an upper/lower oven with those fancy knobs.

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But now, that “modern” kitchen feels pretty dated. Dark woods gave way to bright white finishes and ovens don’t have knobs, they connect to your Wifi.

Your branch (or branches) may be like this kitchen. They were really nice when they opened back in the day, but now they feel dated, the tech is not up to snuff, and well, they just aren’t the ideal place to “host” your guests.

But, don’t fret. Here in the world of Branch Banking, you get a redo.

With LEVEL5’s (Re)FI Design Program, we offer 5 Levels of Design redo’s that can be done on a  tight budget, during nights or weekends, and with no disruption to your current branch operations.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1 – Complete our “Branch Design Assessment” form

Step 2 – Choose the type of Branch Design project you feel best fits your needs:

      • Redesign – Approaching the new design for an existing branch from the ground up while aiming to establish a new prototype for future sites.
      • Remodel – Changing the overall layout of the branch design for optimal flow, new tech, and a more modern aesthetic.
      • Refresh – Modernizing the overall branch with interior design elements.
      • Rebrand – Formalizing Brand Deployment elements across the branch for consistent branding.
      • Rehab – Specifically for historic branches, design will maintain integrity of building, but will update for code and structural integrity.

Step 3 – Speak to our Design Team to review request

Step 4 – Receive your free, no obligation Design assessment within 5 business days

Step 5 – Determine next steps and go

Reach out to us today to begin the discussion on your current branches. There is no better time to do some spring cleaning than now.

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