We’ve all got ’em. That “branch on the hill” that just doesn’t quite fit into your overall branch network. It’s not well placed, likely in the wrong trade area, well past its prime, and looks nothing like any of your other branches.

It’s your Frankenbranch.

The design is stale, likely from a bygone era where the choices seemed fine at the time. It’s as dated as that can of Tab Clear nesting on your garage shelf next to your neatly stored sky blue tuxedo shirt with extra ruffles, cuz, just in case.

The single ATM is the lone piece of “tech.” The Brand Deployment may be a previous version of the logo design, if not definitely fading in color and importance.

In reality, this branch is not truthfully as scary as it is embarrassing.

Take solace in this: everyone’s got one.

You, as a manager and leader of a Financial Institution, make a point of assessing your organization’s talent pool, identifying the high potentials and underperforming. Why don’t you do the same for your branch?

If it’s about the economics and performance, the right analysis can aid in the tough decisions to relocate or shut down this monster.

How about if it’s an underperforming branch in the right Trade Area surrounded by high value clients? This is where a little love can turn this Frankenbranch into branch that is “ready for its close up.”

But don’t fret, there is good news.

If you want to analyze the market – LEVEL5 does that.

If you want to remodel your branch, maybe even turn it into your new flagship, if not your new prototype, well, we do that too.

Contact us today and we’ll help you give that monster of a branch a makeover that’ll make you, your board, and especially your clients happy.