Bank’s Barnes Crossing Center Is Performing Well

LEVEL5 is pleased to announce it has successfully completed the design-build and branding BNA Bank’s new Barnes Crossing Banking Center in Tupelo, MS. The 3,325 square feet retail facility is conveniently located at 2919 Tom Watson Drive in Tupelo, MS.

The banking center is prominently sited in the southeast corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive (US Highway 45) and Barnes Crossing Road. The well-signed facility contains several unique banking features that facilitates and enhances the way BNA Bank delivers service to its customers. The Bank’s staff no longer has to tend to customer needs from behind the barrier of a teller line. The open plan retail design allows the BNA Banker’s to engage customers at the front door of the center. The universal bankers then provide customized personal service to each and every customer.

Bo Collins, President and CEO of BNA Bank said, “We enjoyed working with the LEVEL5 design-build team on our project. The firm is experienced, easy to work with, knows their business and our business, listened to us, and is innovative and trust worthy. LEVEL5 understands how to integrate new technology and methods of delivering banking services into banking centers cost effectively without sacrificing personal service to customers. We have and will recommended LEVEL5 to other banks.”

Not only did LEVEL5 design-build and brand BNA Bank’s Barnes Crossing Banking Center, but the firm also trained the Bank’s universal bankers to operate within the new retail facility with its Places! training program. This is a unique service that LEVEL5 offers to its clients to enhance the startup and performance of new retail banking centers.

The new banking center has two drive through lanes and a dedicated drive up ATM lane with night depository. The drive through lanes are efficiently operated by two-way audio video service by the same universal bankers that are engaging customers inside the facility.

“It has truly been a pleasure for our team to work with such great community bankers and people like Bo Collins, Mike Staten and the entire BNA Bank Board and staff. LEVEL5 exclusively works with community-based financial institutions like BNA Bank across the country. We cherish the trust and confidence that these institutions continue to place in LEVEL5,” said LEVEL5’s Mike Colvin, Executive Vice President and Principal.

Mr. Collins said, “At this point our new Barnes Crossing Banking Center is performing as well as we had anticipated and we thank LEVEL5 for their efforts to get us there.”

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