When we begin to think of a branch transformation project, the initial needs-based strategy quickly morphs into what the branch is going to look like. And while this is an important piece, there is often an overlooked component of building your next branch that is equally important, if not the first priority.


Now, when we say “Brand Deployment,” we’re not talking about your Brand and the elements within your Brand Guidelines (logo, tagline, colors, mission, etc.). While your Brand Guidelines are very important, the nature of this article is to discuss the actual execution of your brand elements within a physical space, thus, the “deployment of your brand.”

To begin thinking of Brand Deployment in the right context, let’s categorize your brand the Branch Transformation efforts into three categories.


When you are doing a Brand Deployment as a “refresh” this implies that your overall brand, its rules and foundation have remained the same, but your overall branch network is inconsistent, particularly because you likely have evolved it with your current or upcoming branch project. Your new branch will has an evolved way to represent your brand in the physical space and while this will be your best executed branch yet, it also means a retro-fit is required for the other branches in your fleet for consistency and overall experience.


When you have taken on the effort to “reinvent” your brand, this means your company name has changed completely. Your mission/values may very well have remained the same, if not expanded to a degree, but your overall brand is meant to relate to a broader customer base. A recent example of this is with our friends, Canvas Credit Union, a Colorado based credit union who was operating as Public Service Credit Union until they rebranded as “Canvas” in 2018. The new name does a better job to encompass what the CU is about, members first, across the Colorado communities in which it serves.


A “rename” when it comes to Brand Deployment is an extension of “reinvent,” but speaks more to the effort being born of a Merger & Acquisition. The new brand name is either a completely new name for both of the newly joined institutions, or the adoption of the brand name from the other FI. In either case, there is an entirely new brand palette, mission/vision and expanded customer segment.

When contemplating your next branch effort when it relates to Brand Deployment, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will brand’s style be represented in branch?
  • How will brand elements be conveyed in physical state?
  • How will core values be portrayed?
  • What story will brand tell?
  • Will brand need to change/evolve with new branch?
  • What research is needed?

When you understand the three basic elements of Brand Deployment and ask yourself the right questions, only then can you truly begin the Design process of your next branch build.

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