Core Philosophy

Over the last 13 years we have partnered with hundreds of FIs to help them grow and improve performance. Our company is built on a continuum of five levels of service that exist in every financial facility project (Strategic Consulting, Real Estate, Design, Construction and Branding).  The power of LEVEL5 is the integration of these services into one deliverable that eliminates information gaps and delivers projects…faster.

These five levels are broken down into buckets: Site Selection and Design-Build to ensure the business case for a facility is quantified and implemented.

Site Selection

Our site selection team establishes the business case for expansion by quantifying the loans and deposit opportunities in new markets and starts taking action. Our consultants analyze market demographics, competitive forces and customer segmentation to paint a clear picture of the local demand for loans and deposits as well as how the FI will connect with this opportunity in their physical environments. Our real estate team works with our consultants to identify and procure property. A sound strategy is only as good as it is implemented and our site selection team brings plans to life by bringing actionable sites to our clients for purchase. Our proprietary process routinely procures sites, facilities and leases that others cannot.

With a clear picture of the business case established through market analysis and the where locked in by our site team, then our design-build team has a solid footing on the kind of facility and the budget that makes the business work.


Our designers use the information in the analysis to inform the design with the client in regards to customer engagement, technology and brand language. The designers work to establish a facility design that maximizes efficiency, makes the clients stand out in a crowd, and adheres to the business case. Architecture establishes the physical identity of the FI to its community and to its customers. Branding moves people into action, educates and clearly communicates the FI’s value proposition.

At LEVEL5 we don’t want to just build you a great building (though that is the testimony of our clients), we want to partner with you to make sure your strategy comes to life. Therefore, with the design complete, our construction team builds facilities that are always on time, on budget and high quality.

The lasting impressions of LEVEL5 are the facilities we implement, but there is always so much more to the story, and our mission is to help you tell your story…well.