Doral Branch is 2nd Branch Project with LEVEL5

LEVEL5 is pleased to announce that Jetstream Federal Credit Union has awarded our firm a second Micro Branch design-build project this time in Doral, FL. Jeanne Kucey, President and CEO of Jetstream stated, “LEVEL5 completed a Micro Branch for us in Miami Lakes, Florida in 2015. Their experience in design and construction is quite evident in that facility. We have a beautiful facility to serve our members. The project in Doral has an extremely short time duration and LEVEL5 was chosen because of their capabilities to get us where we need to be and also to build a first class facility for our members in Doral. There was only one choice for us and that was to use the best and that is LEVEL5.”

“I couldn’t be happier or more proud of our design/construction team” said Mike Colvin, Executive Vice President / Principal of LEVEL5.  “They are being challenged with a tight deadline and have moved forward swiftly with an excellent design and process to enable our client to meet their stated goal. The ultimate sign of client satisfaction and confidence is additional business, and we are excited to work with the Jetstream team again in 2016.

Micro Branches are the next big thing for FIs. What is a Micro Branch? This article should help:

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