The Branch of the Future is Here, Today at Landmark Bank

LEVELhas completed the design-build of Landmark Bank’s Branch Transformation at their Corporate Headquarters in Columbia, MO. The project included transforming the retail lobby as well as remodeling the Bank’s private banking and commercial banking departments.

“We are very excited to be able to transform this space for the Bank,” said Mike Colvin, Executive Vice President/Principal for LEVEL5. “The team at Landmark Bank is completely changing the way they serve their community and customers through this effort. It truly has been a pleasure to work with the Bank’s team throughout this process.”

The project began in the retail lobby transforming the space from a traditional teller line to banking hubs (or teller pods). This shift allows the Bank’s employees to spend more time with their customers, further embracing the universal banker model. The entire first floor’s look and feel matches the Bank’s move toward a more engaging environment. The renovation included new essential brand elements to tell the Bank’s story through graphics, signage, digital messaging and merchandising. Furthermore, the private banking and commercial banking departments were also transformed to promote collaboration and flexibility with the ever-changing needs of the Bank’s customers.

“The Branch of the Future is here, today,” says Shon Aguero, Executive Vice President of Retail Banking at Landmark Bank. “Customers have more options than ever for doing their banking. Yet, the branch still serves an important function, facilitating relationships and presenting our brand. We chose LEVEL5 for our branch transformation because they understand the role of the universal banker, advanced retail banking strategies, and are experts in bringing together all of the components in the design-build of financial facilities.”

The Bank recently unveiled the transformed space and plans to use this model for future transformations within the Bank’s footprint.