Much has been written about the Universal Teller. This is an all purpose, all knowing employee that is the living embodiment of any good Branch Transformation initiative.

Of the skillsets needed as part of a new branch philosophy, the one that cannot be overlooked is the “Greeter”. The Universal Teller fulfills this function on a “by committee” basis.

Now, don’t confuse “Greeter” with “Concierge” – they’re different.

When Branch Transformation as a concept and practice began, many branches began to deploy a Greeting Station with a Concierge.

Born out of a Customer Service handbook from hospitality and high-end retail, a Concierge is there to say hello, field questions, and direct you to the right person and/or area of need.

Branches had desks at the entryways and hired or transitioned employees into the new Concierge.

The problem that arose over time was twofold: 1) putting a desk right at the entryway created a barrier. Creating friction for all customers defeated the entire point of an open-concept branch. Entering clients should choose where they want to go without being met by a gatekeeper. And, 2), this Concierge did serve a purpose to those who did have a question, but there was always a disconnect. They were there to be smiling faces, but any immediacy in forging a bond was accidentally stunted when the Concierge fulfilled their duty by escorting and dropping off the customer to wherever and to whomever.

Enter the Greeter – the evolved Concierge of Branch Transformation 2.0.

The differences between a Greeter and a Concierge are subtle, but make a big difference in the overall Client Experience.

A Concierge sits at a desk to field questions and escort customers from zone to zone, person to person. A Greeter is really just a Universal Teller that keeps an eye on the front door. When available (not helping someone else), this Universal Teller turns into a Greeter, approaching the entering individual, asking the same probing questions as the Concierge, but the Greeter is actually the one who will stick with and help out that very customer with no transfer.

Oh, and there’s no concierge table. Removing that barrier re-establishes the openness of the branch and limits any friction.

When thinking of the changes facing the branch in a post COVID-19 world, the decision dominos fall across different elements.

Our Re-FI Design Program aims to look at your Branch Network holistically to help you identify areas that need attention, elements needed, and how they will impact your staff and organization across the board.

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