PLACES! is designed around a theatrical theme. As in a theater production, everyone in the “cast” or your organization has a place, whether it is onstage out in front or back stage behind the scenes. No matter the role, everyone must know their lines and be ready to make a vital contribution as part of your cast and crew.

Numerous clients have taken advantage of PLACES! training, introducing their employees to a program that promotes the importance of maintaining a consistent brand throughout the branch system and entire organization. This training program is for organizations who want to incorporate a Service and Sales culture from top to bottom. Outcomes are most effective when participation includes all levels, ranging from front line to back office. Inclusion of senior management and involvement of board members helps accelerate the evolution of the desired changes in culture.

An initial phase of the PLACES! Training includes an on-line communications assessment that helps employees and management to improve their lines of communication both internally and externally. Next, a gap analysis is conducted early in the process to determine the organization’s current state and desired end-state. The PLACES! training is customized to address the organization’s gap analysis, resulting in a tailored training curriculum that works to both close the gap and raise the bar.

Benefits of the PLACES! training include:

  • More effective lines of communication
  • Better understanding of the organization’s purpose in the community
  • Improved recognition of the needs of the customer base
  • Connection of customer needs to relevant products and services
  • Improved relationships internally and externally
  • Increased coaching skills
  • Better accountability to sustain desired behaviors

PLACES! offers a flexible 3- to 12-month modular certificate program with interactive and engaging sessions led by a master facilitator. Video taping of communication skills and ongoing individual skills assessment are interwoven into personal development plans which reinforce performance reviews, scorecards and annual goal setting.

The goal is for your organization to distinguish itself in the marketplace just as LEVEL5’s goal is to be unique with its full-service offerings to its clients.

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