Expansion and loan growth lead to transformation.

The number one question we hear about branch and main office transformation is “What’s in it for us?

This is an indirect way of asking about Return on Investment (ROI) for transforming their business. Discussions about loan growth, market expansion and the future of banking are about transforming the business to allow it to flourish and grow. All CEOs want to know what’s in it for their company if they invest in growth.

Question #1 – How do you calculate returns for transformation?

To solve ROI for transformation, we divide the Return by the Investment. So, the first variable to solve for is return that is the opportunity. Opportunity is what we get from a market for the investment. Therefore, return is defined by the loans and deposits (i.e. opportunity) resulting from a project. Historically, our consulting team can quantify loans and deposits with 92% accuracy. How do they do it? Well, read more about it here:

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Question #2 – How do you define the investment? 

So with the opportunity quantified, the cost to acquire the business is a major variable yet to be solved. The white paper linked below addresses the investment portion of the equation. This article is quick page-turner that will help you lower the risk of developing your next branch or main office. We all want the return, so maximizing the investment can be a reality.

Click on the target below to download the white paper…you won’t regret it.

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