The phrase “New Normal” is getting thrown around a lot today. In the wake of the pandemic, things are undeniably different, even though we are all collectively pining for things to go back to the way they were.

For Retail Bankers who have now opened branches back up, things are inevitably different. The branch may look the same. The people may be the same smiling faces that were there before the shutdown. But we can’t ignore that there has been a major change.

Sanitization stations are readily available, shields are acting as a transparent barrier to our conversations, and policies are different.

Back during the shutdown, many meetings were had as to what “New Normal” branching will look like. While this is still unfolding in front of us, new policies have been in place to ensure the safest environments possible.

Policy documents were drawn up, bank managers were briefed, who in turn had team huddle ups – then, boom, the gates were lifted and we were back in business.

Yet, it’s not really that easy, is it?

To properly enact your new policies, you must train the staff. This is not as easy as mandating policies in a pre-opening huddle-up, or distributing a flyer. It would be nice if it was – it’s just not.

We talk quite a bit about training when it comes to Branch Transformation. In our “PLACES!” training, the key to a successful branch opening is ensuring that the frontline staff understand the space in which they are now working. This includes the flow, the procedures, and the customer service objectives.

While re-opening your branch likely has not seen structural changes just yet, policies and procedures are different. They must be exercised, repeated, and coached.

Think about the training that is needed to reinforce these new policies. Speak to them, quiz them, and most importantly, make them act it all out. Repeat this until you feel the branch staff knows exactly how and what to do.

So, among the many things on your plate, you must ensure that proper training is enacted as we are now operating branches in this “New Normal.”