We live in a world where terms like “Branch of the Future” or “Bank of the Future” are used interchangeably to imply some retail banking future state that is both the apex of what a branch can be, just as equally as it is mythological and unattainable.

The idea that a better branch is unattainable is tantamount to saying “tomorrow never comes”. When tomorrow arrives, it’s actually today. That logic doesn’t compute.

The better way to think of this in a buzz-worthy phrase is, “The Future Is Now”. This quote, attributed to the likes of a former football coach, or any host of movies and books, is really more palatable as a concept than “The Branch of the Future.”

Implying some ideal-state branch design and filing it under “The Branch of the Future” implies this assumptive future state is out there, but never really achievable, and thus, never bothered with.

You should be thinking about your next branch design under the rallying cry of “The Future Is Now.”

Like it or not, the future is here. Nobody saw COVID-19 coming, but it’s a freight train that has ushered in some immediate branch changes. Now that those triage efforts are in place, there are now long-term discussions and permanent decisions that need to be had.

In our First COVID-19 Guide Book, we discussed the situation thrust upon us, and particularly outlined a 5-tiered timeline through the end of the year as to what has happened, what to expect and what to do about it.

Which now takes us to the Design side of the branch. We more recently released our Second COVID-19 Guide Book, which focuses on the physical branch itself.

From suggestions to recommendations, this Guide Book does a deep dive into breaking down the branch into Zones and how COVID-19 has caused us all to revisit the Client Journey through a branch. Learn how one decision cascades across each branch zone.

But the best part of this is you can do something about it – right now – for free. Our Re-FI Design Program is designed specifically for Retail Bankers to meet with Design and Tech experts who will assess your a Branch, or even your entire Branch Network and make actionable recommendations on design changes and tech implementations to get you your “Branch of the Future” – Now.


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