A Branch Transformation love story for the ages.

Design and Build first met when they were moving to New York City.

They were young, perhaps a bit naive of the world, and as recent college graduates, thought they knew more than they did. They shared a ride from Chicago and bickered the whole way.

You see, the foundation of their argument was that Design and Build couldn’t be friends. They saw themselves as two separate entities that couldn’t be, nor should be, joined at the hip.

Design liked the softer things. Saw beauty around her through an artist’s eye and wanted to make the world a better place.

Build was a bit more gruff. Saw the world as black and white. Preferred things in a very predictable way and shunned the shades of gray seen by Design.

They were oil and water. They said their goodbyes once in New York and thought they’d never see each other again.

Over the years, they would run into each other every now and then. With each encounter, they were both at different stages of life and ultimately, more mature than before – and possibly even better for each other.

One day, when they met again, they had no idea that they would never be apart again. Even though they were fundamentally different, they also realized they were better together.

Like Peanut Butter & Jelly. Batman & Robin. Laurel & Hardy.

And now: Design & Build.

They each can operate independently, but when they work together, projects are simply better.

Branch Transformation projects can be executed with the comfort that the Build phase knows exactly what Design is up to, what they want, and most importantly, how to do it. Projects will go smoother with less change orders and branches (or Main Offices) will be concluded in a timely manner.

And most importantly, projects will be on budget.

It took Design and Build a long time to get here. While they were drawn to each other, they still had their ups and downs. Design talked about liking things on the side, like, all the time, to Build really liking a wagon wheel as part of a given style.

Ultimately, that fateful New Year’s Eve night, Design and Build finally admitted to each other that they couldn’t live apart, despite thinking they were very two different people.

Design loves that Build gets her. Gets her sense of style and how the little somethings get executed to perfection every time.

Build loves that Design makes it easier on him. Nothing gets lost in translation. Build is able to stay on budget and deliver projects on time.

And it’s been like this ever since. A fairytale ending for all.

If you’d like to hear more stories about Design and Build, and see some of the great work they’ve produced, contact LEVEL5 today to view our portfolio and learn about our Design-Build process.