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Site Selection

Navigating Complex Real Estate with a Trusted Expert

One of the biggest predictors of success is securing a strategic site. Our proprietary aggregate data allows us to evaluate trade, county, metro and state areas to pinpoint trajectories for your current and future growth opportunities at a specific location. 

Having helped credit unions and banks vet and acquire more than $1 Billion in real estate, we’re experts on identifying, negotiating and delivering the very best location for you.

We make the process simple. We’ll veil your identity, negotiate directly with the seller, provide you with an “all-in” site acquisition cost and provide a single point of contact to guide you through the entire site selection process.  

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“LEVEL5 found a fantastic location for us, one that we wouldn’t have been able to find on our own. It actually wasn’t for sale when we first started. They put out their feelers and got to know folks in the community to find out whether a location like this could be for sale. They really understood the market better than we could. It’s their expertise, and we lean on them.” 

Jim Struble, President & CEO, Electro Savings Credit Union

Streamlining the Entire Real Estate Acquisition Process

Our real estate experts help you select the right site for you through the following:

  • site identification
  • site plan feasibility analysis
  • purchase & leasing negotiation
  • due diligence coordination & execution
  • guidance through jurisdictional entitlements
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Integrated Services

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Growth Plan

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Tech Blueprint

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Photo of construction site with workers examining the site