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Strategic Growth Planning

Unlocking Your Full Potential Starts With Strategy

Success always begins with a strategic plan, and a strategic plan always starts with data. We pride ourselves in mining strong data. Then, we extract meaningful insights from that data.

Those insights help us gain a deeper understanding of your business, your members and customers and your community.

From there, our industry-leading experts are able to assess your risk and potential return on a variety of key topics to create a custom and actionable roadmap to support your vision and unlock your success.

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“We needed a partner that had a very strong data department, someone who was very transparent with how it is that they look at data, how it is that they analyze data. So we turned to LEVEL5 for that crystal ball.” 

Jim Struble, President & CEO, Electro Savings Credit Union

Our Market Analysis and Financial Guide

Our in-depth research reveals your growth potential through the following:

  • identify new growth markets
  • evaluate existing branch network performance
  • assess feasibility of Headquarters and Operation Centers
  • identify the most profitable member and customer profile
  • create ATM/ITM placement strategies
  • understand technology preferences, product and service demand by market
  • identify recommended branch type
  • assess financial impact at the branch & consolidated level (ROI)
  • 96% accuracy in forecasting loan and deposit growth
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Integrated Services

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Tech Blueprint

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Site Selection

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